Subject RE: [firebird-support] Create Database Process
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:31 PM 27/01/2005 -0600, you wrote:

>Can the CREATE DATABASE statement be executed from any client (jdbc or
>Delphi components for example), or is it purely a function of isql?

It's a fully-available DDL statement.

>It seems to mee that I read somewhere that it is a function of isql. I
>would love to be corrected though.

Just send a valid CREATE DATABASE or CREATE SCHEMA statement through the
API by whatever means you normally communicate through the API. Follow it
up with a COMMIT statement and the server will connect to the new database
and send the database handle back to the waiting application -- exactly as
it does when isql happens to be the waiting application.

In 1.5.x, if you pre-configure (either manually, or from your application
or an installer script) an alias for the intended database file, the alias
will even become available after the commit.