Subject Access rights
Author Raith, Daniel
I'm migrating from interbase 6.0.x to firebird 1.5.x and decided to
start using users instead of having my program always log in as sysdba.
So I created a user, called "IMS" which I then called


for all the tables in the database and all the stored procedures that I
need access to.

However I keep getting a message saying ISC ERROR CODE:335544352, no
permission for read/select access to COLUMN trancat_desc.

Do I have to grant access to individual fields in the database for all
the tables or am I not doing something right?

I'm using IBExpert personal edition to look at the database and I can
see the grants in RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES table, not sure what the
RDB$GRANT_OPTION field is for, but the records for my IMS user shows 0
for it.

I also tried granting all rights to the table for public, but I still
get that error. I can still log in as sysdba, but I would prefer not to.


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