Subject Retrieving transaction information via the API
Author Andrew Weaver
I'm adapting an application-to-database interface that was developed
in-house to facilitate access to MS SQL Server databases. Whilst I'm testing
my changes (and possibly in the longer term), it will be useful for me to
discover the current transaction ID. Although it's possible to obtain this
with a SELECT ... CURRENT_TRANSACTION statement, I prefer to use the
isc_transaction_info() API function.

I don't find isc_transaction_info() to be very clearly documented in the
InterBase 6 API Guide, but, as it works in very much the same way as
isc_dsql_sql_info(), I've succeeded in obtaining the current transaction ID
by this means.

Is there more recent, more complete documentation available for this
function? It'd be great to find out that there's more transaction
information that can be requested, not merely the current transaction ID.