Subject Re: Compiling & Installing Firebird 1.5 from source on Mandrake 9.x
Author awoellgens
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 07:15 PM 27/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hi Folks,
> >
> >don t know if this was here before but the installation sheet on the
> >Firebird download page says, version 1.5 of FB can be installed on
> >Mandrake 9.x distris.
> "Install" means "install the binary kits". Both 1.5.x Superserver and
> Classic install flawlessly on Mdk 9.1. (It's my distro of choice!!)

** me too! but nothing from source seems to work!

> >I tried now half a dozen installations with the same amount of
> >versions and only 1.0.x binaries installed on mandrake 9.1, no 1.5
> >(source and binary)at all.
> Re the 1.5 binary - are you using the RPM installer or the tarball?

** both: stdc++-probs with binary (can be updated, ok)

but source always gets me lots of "undefined reference" in a lot of
> >Binaries missed stdc++6- libraries,got "undefined references "
errors in
> >several sources and wrong sizes of pointers and diff. parser
errors as well...
> >What prerequisites are def. needed to get FB 1.5x compiled and
> >installed on mandrae 9.x?
> >Is c++ v6 def. needed?
> >use:
> >Mandrake 9.1
> >gcc 3.2.2
> >stdc++5
> >bison and bayacc 19
> >what else to mention?
> >
> >Achim
> >
> >P.s. have to add, i am no developer, just normal user with some exp.
> >with "configure, make and editing conf-files" ;-)
> There is a makefile available. If you really want to compile the
> yourself, ask on Firebird-devel - someone there will put you
straight about
> which libs you need to compile and what might be missing to cause a

> specific exception in the build process.

**ok, will have a look!!!

> Check the notes about Linux compatibility in the main 1.5 release
> notes. If you are getting a message during the binary install about
> stdc++ lib, then probably all you need is to get an updated glibc
> development package, to ensure that you have a recent enough runtime.
** think gcc 3.4 together with c++ would do! just afraid of hampering
my stable 9.1 system!?

> My Mdk 9.1 was a complete installation from a CD distribution (not an
> upgrade) about year ago. I didn't have to upgrade anything for that
> particular distro for the v.1.5 RPM kit (although, later, I did have to
> install some compatibility packs for Borland Kylix 3). I can't give
> the actual numbers right now because that server is currently dead.
> ./heLen