Subject turning on async writes programatically
Author Greg At ACD
Win32, Firebird 1.5.2, MSVC++ .NET 2003 (no .NET used, tho).
Using SQLAPI ( and their Interbase support library
for DB access (which works very nicely for C++ interfaces, by the

Hi all,

Given that I understand the implications of turning on the
asynchronous writes in a Firebird database, I do have situations
where this will be desirable from a performance perspective.

Outside of shelling out to the command line to run 'gfix', what
would be the best way to programatically enable asynchronous writes
from within an application?

My C++ application creates the database (local DB), dynamically adds
its schema (tables, generators, triggers, storedprocs etc.), adds in
whatever data it needs; works with it (queries etc.), and then exits
the application (optionally dropping the DB, depending on what the
user wants). So, it would be desirable to have the application turn
this feature on dynamically after it creates the database (my
preference would be to have this part of the CREATE DATABASE
statement, but not everything in life comes easy, I guess...).