Subject Re: [firebird-support] ***WEB BASE SOFTWARE THAT RUNS UNDER FIREBIRD***
Author Milan Babuskov
ali zobi wrote:
> i consider a web based software that runs under
> firebird uses by over 200 clint on net.
> do u have any idea about this kind web based software.
> i need this software name, clint number, server as
> hardware, software tech.
> becouse we have a project that will be realize with
> firebird database.
> i need this imformation to supply my project....

I built a web application that serves 30+ users with Firebird, PHP and Apache.
It runs on Mandrake and Slackware Linux. It all depends on how heavy the queries
are (can they all use indexes) and how big the databases are, but even a
Pentium3 can serve 30 clients well for an OLAP system. As for administration,
Firebird is one of the best self-supporting software I used. IMHO, a single
person can be SYSDBA for any Firebird server instalation and even do something
else besides. It really need a little to none maintenance time, esp. in web
applications where all transactions are very short.

So, it all comes down to the question: what kind of "web based software" are you
trying to run?

Milan Babuskov