Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using Firebird with Visual FoxPro
Author Namit Nathwani
Hi Mark

At 01:44 am 25/01/2005, you wrote:
>so I'd prefer to use ODBC which returns an xBase
>table. However there seems to be a problem with all the drivers for ODBC.

I am using VFP, ODBC and FireBird pretty successfully, so don't worry.

>When trying to create a remote view on a table in the test database
>using the view designer I get the error:
>Connectivity error: Dynamic SQL Error:
>SQL Error Code = -104
>Token unknown - line 1, char 21

When you are creating the view you get this error or after the view has
been created and you are trying to browse the data? If it happens when you
are adding table to the remote view please note there is a checkbox for all
users in the add table box, please check mark it and then select your table.

>The ODBC conection was created using the Windows ODBC administration
>wizard (WinXP) using a predefined data source rather than a
>connectivity string, although a quick test using a connection string
>gave the same result.

You got an error in ODBC connectivity? Then that is the place to correct
first using Helen's suggestions.

>If, however, I build the view manually, a tedious process to be
>avoided whenever possible, the process is sucessful.

Also try using the view
editor here will give you best of both the worlds, SQL and Visual Designer.

>I should mention that since we have over 7 years of developement of
>our products using FoxPro we will not be changing to any other
>development language in the near future, so answers to the effect of
>use VB/Java/C++/... etc will be ignored.

A die-hard VFP fan like me, eh. Nice to know that. I will also remind you
that we have SQL Pass Through using sqlexec() functions, so I will differ
here and say that you can use any and all power commands that FireBird
offers using these functions and you wont be limited to any inbuilt SQL
commands that VFP offers.

I have just recently started using FB as a back-end for VFP so being a
relative newbie so I hope the above suggestions help.

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