Subject Re: Using Firebird with Visual FoxPro
Author Dorin Vasilescu
Hi Helen

> >If, however, I build the view manually, a tedious process to be
> >avoided whenever possible, the process is sucessful.
> The code you supplied doesn't "build a view". Firebird supports
> table types, of which TABLE and VIEW are two. TABLE is a physical
> structure that stores data; VIEW is a logical definition that stores a
> compiled SELECT specification on one or more tables, that delivers
> as though the structure were a table itself, i.e. it is one form of
> known as "virtual tables".

"remote view" is a Visual Foxpro term, a "virtual remote" table, based
on a query to database server, which is updatable (automatically sends
update SQL statements to backend)

You can index it, join with Xbase tables or other "remote views" using
local SQL engine.

> Firebird is independent of any development language; however, you will
> encounter some "linguistic" limitations by using a language that was
> designed for a low-end, file-based data management system.

You would be surprised to know all features VFP provides for database
applications :), but is kept secret :)))