Subject Re: Using Firebird with Visual FoxPro
Author Dorin Vasilescu
I use Firebird with Visual Foxpro and is a good combination.
I've desgned an API wrapper object for Firebird, it is posted on
UniversalThread web site. it is currently limited to backup/restore,
get/set database properties, start maintenance tasks and users
management, but can be easily extended if necessary.

> I wonder if someone would be so kind as to give me a hand with a
> slight problem I have, aside from see a doctor, that is :)
> I am trying to evaluate the use of a 'real' database for use in the
> next generation of our software which is written in Visual FoxPro and
> currently uses xBase tables.
> Because our software is aimed at small retailers 99% of whom know
> nothing about computers let alone administering a database, I am left
> with only a few possibilities, one of which is Firebird.
> Now, FoxPro accesses non-xBase data either by using ODBC or ADO
> drivers and I have set up a number of the trial versions of both
> drivers for the evaluation. ADO works without problem and returns the
> correct recordsets as expected but it is not so easy to use an ADO
> recordset in FoxPro so I'd prefer to use ODBC which returns an xBase
> table. However there seems to be a problem with all the drivers for
> When trying to create a remote view on a table in the test database
> using the view designer I get the error:
> Connectivity error: Dynamic SQL Error:
> SQL Error Code = -104
> Token unknown - line 1, char 21
> ,

This is because VFP needs "All users tables" checkbox to be checked.
The free ODBC driver needs that user connected to be SYSDBA for
SQLTABLES() to work (remote table/columns selections)

Dorin Vasilescu