Subject Re: unavailable database
Author gnajar

Thank you for your answer; reading a previous message from the user
that had the same problem as me, I uninstalled FB and reinstalled it
again specifying the use of SuperServer, instead of Classic. Now the
connections worked just fine from Delphi 6 and IB Expert.

Best regards !

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 10:14 PM 22/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hellen,
> >
> >I renamed the file extension to "FDB" and yet I get the same error; I
> >use IB Expert personal v2004.12.14, WinXP Pro with SP 2. I tryed with
> >2 small data base files I created using FB 1.0. I'm using the classic
> >server, and have FB running as a service.
> OK, having eliminated that one, let's deal with your mistakes. This
is NOT
> Fb 1 or InterBase, it is a new version of the Firebird software and
> things have changed. Study the release notes (the big document
> Firebird_v1.5.ReleaseNotes.pdf that is in Firebird 1.5's doc directory,
> which you can also get in many different languages by going to the
> IBPhoenix website); download the Quick Start Guide from the Firebird
> website; and read the FAQs. Regarding the "compatibility" client, you
> should also read the README.Win32LibraryInstallation.txt in the doc
> Error 1)
> > >
> > >Connecting... Failed!
> > >------------------------------------
> > >Unsuccessful execution caused by an unavailable resource.
> > >unavailable database.
> For a local connect to Classic, this connection string will NEVER work.
> C:\Documents and Settings\Guillermo
> ITESO\Especificaciones SII\Sistema\ST.GDB
> A local connect to Classic must do so through the TCP/IP local loopback
> server. Your connection string must therefore be
> localhost:C:\Documents and Settings\Guillermo
> Najar\Misdocumentos\GNsis\Cursos\Curso ITESO\Especificaciones
> SII\Sistema\ST.fDB
> I hate deep paths for databases and I hate directory names with
> spaces. Mostly, Firebird can handle these horrors if you use quotes
on the
> string...however, if any remote user tries to connect to this
database, it
> won't be able to, because it is in your proprietary disk space.
Place your
> databases in a simple, shallow path like C:\data and save yourself a
lot of
> grief. Also make use of path aliases.
> 2) Error 2
> > >
> > >Attempting to connect to services manager... Failed!
> > >------------------------------------
> This error comes because you are using InterBaseXpress and you have not
> installed the "compatibility" gds32.dll client. You can read about
this in
> the release notes and also in the FAQ at the website. By default,
the Fb
> 1.5.2 installer probably created it for you, but you need to copy it
> yourself from c:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin to wherever
> application is currently finding gds32.dll. With IBX it is not
> just to copy fbclient.dll and rename it.
> Once you are sure that you have removed the Borland and/or Fb 1.0.x
> versions of gds32.dll, you might need to recompile your application.
If you
> are using an old or bad version of IBX, it is even possible that IBX
> never let your application connect to a Classic server. That is
> some old versions of IBX had some nasty "intelligence" that prevents it
> from connecting to Classic, because InterBase Classic doesn't
support the
> services manager. IBX doesn't know about Firebird or about Classic
on Windows.
> As a general observation, IBX is not a good choice for developing
> for Firebird. It is designed to work with InterBase and nothing is
> done to make it compatible with Firebird. You need to think about
> switching to IBObjects or FIBPlus sooner or later, since their
> provide compatibility with *both* IB and Firebird.
> ./hb