Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: unavailable database
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:14 PM 22/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>I renamed the file extension to "FDB" and yet I get the same error; I
>use IB Expert personal v2004.12.14, WinXP Pro with SP 2. I tryed with
>2 small data base files I created using FB 1.0. I'm using the classic
>server, and have FB running as a service.

OK, having eliminated that one, let's deal with your mistakes. This is NOT
Fb 1 or InterBase, it is a new version of the Firebird software and many
things have changed. Study the release notes (the big document
Firebird_v1.5.ReleaseNotes.pdf that is in Firebird 1.5's doc directory,
which you can also get in many different languages by going to the
IBPhoenix website); download the Quick Start Guide from the Firebird
website; and read the FAQs. Regarding the "compatibility" client, you
should also read the README.Win32LibraryInstallation.txt in the doc directory.

Error 1)
> >
> >Connecting... Failed!
> >------------------------------------
> >Unsuccessful execution caused by an unavailable resource.
> >unavailable database.

For a local connect to Classic, this connection string will NEVER work.

C:\Documents and Settings\Guillermo Najar\Misdocumentos\GNsis\Cursos\Curso
ITESO\Especificaciones SII\Sistema\ST.GDB

A local connect to Classic must do so through the TCP/IP local loopback
server. Your connection string must therefore be
localhost:C:\Documents and Settings\Guillermo
Najar\Misdocumentos\GNsis\Cursos\Curso ITESO\Especificaciones

I hate deep paths for databases and I hate directory names with
spaces. Mostly, Firebird can handle these horrors if you use quotes on the
string...however, if any remote user tries to connect to this database, it
won't be able to, because it is in your proprietary disk space. Place your
databases in a simple, shallow path like C:\data and save yourself a lot of
grief. Also make use of path aliases.

2) Error 2
> >
> >Attempting to connect to services manager... Failed!
> >------------------------------------

This error comes because you are using InterBaseXpress and you have not
installed the "compatibility" gds32.dll client. You can read about this in
the release notes and also in the FAQ at the website. By default, the Fb
1.5.2 installer probably created it for you, but you need to copy it
yourself from c:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin to wherever your
application is currently finding gds32.dll. With IBX it is not sufficient
just to copy fbclient.dll and rename it.

Once you are sure that you have removed the Borland and/or Fb 1.0.x
versions of gds32.dll, you might need to recompile your application. If you
are using an old or bad version of IBX, it is even possible that IBX will
never let your application connect to a Classic server. That is because
some old versions of IBX had some nasty "intelligence" that prevents it
from connecting to Classic, because InterBase Classic doesn't support the
services manager. IBX doesn't know about Firebird or about Classic on Windows.

As a general observation, IBX is not a good choice for developing clients
for Firebird. It is designed to work with InterBase and nothing is ever
done to make it compatible with Firebird. You need to think about
switching to IBObjects or FIBPlus sooner or later, since their developers
provide compatibility with *both* IB and Firebird.