Subject Firebird on Linux how to check if there are any problems with the Linux configuration

I have an application which runs fine when using Superserver on Windows machine but give me a problem when running under Classic Server under Linux

I have an application which is working succesfully with upto 70 users on a Windows 2003 (Superserver 1.03) server in many customers places.

The same application when running in another customers site where I installed Classic on Linux Red Hat 8 occasionally gives problems. When it is working fine it is very much faster than the Windows configuration.

Suddenly I will see 10054 errors and the application shuts down. the interbase.log show 10054 errors. This seems to occur when most users are concurrently logged in.

I first suspected Memory but the user double the Ram from 1 GB to 2 GB but the problem still persists.

I am a Linux Newbie and wonder what I should check for. Any Hints?

Specifically is there a possibility that the number of TCP/IP connections have been restricted on the Linux Server. If so, how do I check, what the limit is and how many currently are in use.?

Any help greatly appreciated. This is one of those happens once in a way bugs which is driving me crazy for the last 6 months


S. Govindkrishna
JL Infomatrix Limited

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