Subject Firebird 1.5 embedded
Author cassialgd
Hello all

Does somebody here have used firebird 1.5 embedded + Delphi6 or 7

I have an application made with Delphi6.0 + DBExpress (SQLQuery,
DataSetProvider e ClientDataSet) + Firebird1.5. the DBExpress access
driver is dbexpUIBfire15.dll.

The application is running wonder on Firebird 1.5 Super Server under
W2K Server with no problem.

Now I need to use this application with Firebird 1.5 Embedded. I did
the installation and configuration of Firebird 1.5 embedded like is
written in the README_Embedded.txt file who is in the package.

The application start normally with FB1.5 embedded but when it
execute an append or update statement the application freeze.

I dont know what is happening

any help will be welcome