Subject re: performance
Author Adam
Have you identified any query / procedure etc that is taking too
long? What is the load on the server CPU, RAM and Network? If one of
these subsystems is struggling, so will your program. 250 users
sounds like a lot to not have a RAID setup, but it really depends
what your program is actually doing, if it is not too intensive then
this is probably fine.

The main culprit I have seen is poorly written queries combined with
inadequate indexing that forces a query to run a full table scan of
one or several tables. In a development environment, this is not
noticable, but when you introduce a lot more data, it becomes

Get yourself a copy of IBPlanalyzer if you haven't yet, and start
watching how long it takes to run your queries. Look at the plan, and
decide whether it is making appropriate use of available indices. In
general, sequential reads are warning bells.

But the first step is to identify what is taking a long time, then
identify whether it is an efficiency issue or a resource issue.


--- In, ali zobi <alizobi1@y...>
> hi everyone,
> i need some imformation about performance of firebird
> that being used on internet.
> my firm has a programme that build by .net and jawa.
> this programme runs on fire bird date base. and 250
> person are using this system on net.
> and we have speed problem
> our server is p3 1 gb ram scsi hdd
> is it be problem having an older server
> what must we do to get better querry on net?
> thanks a lot
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