Subject Two aliases pointing to the same database
Author Adam
Can you point two aliases to the same database, or will it freak out?

I have another developer sharing my test database at the moment, and
occasionally I will need to switch to another customers database, but
I want to let him continue to work. I would prefer not to have to
setup a new alias in all the tools we use, because I am happy with my
little ecosystem :)

My idea:

I have two databases


In the aliases.conf, I could put:


I could connect to dev1 and he could connect to dev2. If I needed to
switch to the customers database, I could simply disconnect and
modify the aliases.conf to something like


What I am asking I suppose is if Firebird will confuse itself into
thinking dev1 and dev2 are different databases and cause corruption,
or whether it doesn't care about the alias name, it knows that it is
one database.