Subject Re: [firebird-support] Operating system directive create file failed
Author Robert martin
Hi Helen

I have asked them to check virus scanner settings etc. Will check your
other suggestions.


Helen Borrie wrote:

> Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that the database they are
> trying to connect to (or security.fdb) is on a section of the disk that
> allows sharing, and that some user is using the share.
> Now, this could be a virus scanner or a backup utility that is accessing
> the db directories through mappings (must be prevented!!); or worse,
> careless configuration that allows Joe Blow to access these file
> structures
> through shares or mappings. (I've done troubleshooting on sites like
> this!!)
> At worst, it could be that some ignorance-is-bliss sysadmin has seen
> fit to
> shift the Fb database onto a completely separate machine and has
> edited the
> alias file to point to a mapped server. Big no-no.
> ./hb