Subject Re: [firebird-support] Windows O/S Config for 50-user system
Author Dariusz Zelichowski
This is the key issue with MS EULA, and pretty much with
anything of legal nature that has to do with MS. There is a
lot of ambiguity and confusion, and sometimes it even seems

I called MS a number of times in regards to licensing
issues. I received conflicting answers in regards to the
same issue (their mapping software). So there could be two
kinds of conclusion here:

1. Stay away from Windows unless you can afford the CALs

2. Call MS as many times as it takes to receive an answer
you want. Note date and time of that call and the reference
number. That's what I did. Don't rely on opinions of
computer professionals discussing legal issues, unless they
are also lawyers.

As for Steffen's worries about securing a Linux box by a
newbie. Well, how hard is it to install webmin and block
all ports except for the ones you need. If someone knows
how to do it on windows, or withing a router then Linux is
not much different. Some Linux distors will also give
warning about open ports at installation time. Any sysadmin
(whether Windows or Linux) who deserves his paycheck will
probably take just a few minutes to figure out how to run a
dedicated FB Linux box.

Again, to a newbie who considers spending money worth as
much as 50 CALs I would suggest hiring one of the Firebird
contributors. Once the box is set up and secured it's not
like it needs to be hugged daily.

--- Daniel Rail <daniel@...> wrote:
> And, Artur was right by disagreeing with me. The EULA
> doesn't go into
> enough details, and can sometimes leave to open
> interpretation.
> Here's the FAQ for the Windows licensing:
> --
> Best regards,
> Daniel Rail
> Senior System Engineer
> ACCRA Group Inc. (
> ACCRA Med Software Inc. (

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