Subject Users and DB access with FB on web server
Author Urs Liska
please excuse my newbie question.

I intend to move my webspace to a new provider who will allow me to use
firebird a.o. Since I never had the experience to use a database on a
web server, I have a few questions.

There is a firebird server that is run by the server/provider.
I will get the physical path where to store my database.
I will know the IP of the server (and there will be the domain name).

How are firebird user accounts managed in such a constellation.
Do I need one special user account (by the provider) to access a
database from a web service application (i.e. a CGI or php)?
How can I implement different "roles" then.

(How) can I access my database directly with a client application
without a HTTP connection through a web application sitting on the server?
The provider is willing to make any necessary configurations but is not
very experienced with firebird so he asked me to provide the information.