Subject Re: Users and DB access with FB on web server
Author Simon Carter
--- In, Urs Liska <firebird@u...> >
There is a firebird server that is run by the server/provider.
> I will get the physical path where to store my database.
> I will know the IP of the server (and there will be the domain

More than likely you will get an alias as this is more secure for
your isp

> a)
> How are firebird user accounts managed in such a constellation.
> Do I need one special user account (by the provider) to access a
> database from a web service application (i.e. a CGI or php)?
> How can I implement different "roles" then.

The user account depends on your host, typically you will have one or
two user names that you can use to connect to your databases, one of
the issues I have seen in the past is when people develop/create
their database under sysdba and then want this database moving to
another server where they are not given sysdba access.

> b)
> (How) can I access my database directly with a client application
> without a HTTP connection through a web application sitting on the

You can use any utility you wish (database workbench iboconsole etc),
the host needs to ensure port 3050 is open so you can connect

> The provider is willing to make any necessary configurations but is
> very experienced with firebird so he asked me to provide the

If they are a windows based host then check out the following
document for configuring FB in an ISP environment:

Otherwise visit for
unix/linux install help


Si Carter