Subject connection problem
Author z_darius

I have a FB server running on Fedora Core 2. The server is runing OK
and localy connections are fine, so is PHP functionality.
User/password are also fine. However, when I set a connection string
within IBExpert I get this output:

Attempting to connect to:

-------- quote--------
Connecting... Failed!
Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes
successful execution of subsequent statements.
Unable to complete network request to host "".
Failed to establish a connection.
unknown Win32 error 10060.
----- end quote--------

Another connection test, also using IBExpert shows this:

----- quote-----------
Attempt connecting to
Socket for connection obtained.

Found service 'GDS_DB' at port '3050'
Failed to connect to host '',
on port 3050. Error Num: 10035.

TCP/IP Communication Test Failed!
----- end quote--------

Anybody has any ideas what may be wrong? Point me in the right