Subject Re: Compare two databases
> Can anybody please tell me if there is an easyway to
> compare the table name in one firebird database to
> the table names in another firebird database.

> I have been using IBEXPERT but have not found a way to do this.
> If there are any other tool avaible to do this I would appreciate
> knowing about them.

take a look at tools - database comparer (not in Personal Edition)
choose your two database registration that should be compared,
uncheck all except tables and you will get the sql script
to see the differences.

more infos on

hope this helps

(we have also a way to create a script running on the systemtables
or other objects in more than one database, even in different IB and
FB Versions, it can be found in the documentation, when you search
for the word IBEBLOCK )

Best Regards

Holger Klemt

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