Subject Re: [firebird-support] Compare two databases
Author Milan Babuskov
Martin Catherall wrote:
> Can anybody please tell me if there is an easyway to compare the table
> name in one firebird database to the table names in another firebird
> database.
> I have been using IBEXPERT but have not found a way to do this.
> If there are any other tool avaible to do this I would appreciate
> knowing about them.

There is "Ib Db Comparer" by Boris Loboda. Freeware, works very nice.

There is "Script DataBase Comparer" (I believe by the same author) which you can
feed with two ddl scripts (like those made with "isql -x"). Also freeware.

There is also "FBdbComparer", an open source project written in Delphi. Last
time I checked it was in beta, but you could try it.

I can't remember the links for those, perhaps someone else (or google) can help you.

Milan Babuskov