Subject sweeping ... sweeping ...
Author Aage Johansen
I've had to sweep...
While doing this on two databases, each about 2GB in size, I wondered why
it looked like the machine had gone to sleep. Hardly any activity in the
CPU or on the disks as far as I could see. This was in a Win2k server, and
I used both the TaskManager and the PerformanceMonitor (maybe I just didn't
look at the right meters?). Is some of the activity hidden in the "System
Idle Process" or the SCSI controller? As there was no output to the cmd
window, I wondered if this ever was going to be ok. Eventually, it was -
after about 3 hours.
It would be nice to see something confirming progress while pacing up and
down the corridor...

Aage J.
Yes, I'm quite calm now.