Subject RE: [firebird-support] Embedded server not working in Win98SE
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Helen,
> I have tried as you suggested and I am still not able to get the
> embedded server version of my application deployed. I still get
> the error message "..." when I run myapp.exe.
> On my development machine, after following your instructions, I
> am now able to run myapp.exe on the development machine and it is
> using the embedded server. I checked this by making sure I only
> had one copy of gds32.dll on my machine, and that was located
> where myapp.exe is. There is one copy of fbembed.dll, but that's
> where I extracted the contents of the Firebird Embedded
> distribution, and it's not in the application path.
> By running "DLL Explorer" I was able to check that when I ran
> myapp.exe it was using gds32.dll, which is located in the same
> directory as myapp.exe.
> The gds32.dll that I used is fbembed.dll renamed.
> After I installed Firebird 1.5.2 on the clean Windows 98 SE
> VMWare image I was then able to run my application. What is the
> Firebird install doing that I am not?
> BTW I am not using a firebird.conf or aliases.conf file with my
> application. I am, however, deploying firebird.msg.
> Any help would be greatly appreciate.
> Regards,
> Diego

Could you make sure that as per release notes, you have the following setup
in your application DIR

If external libraries, are required for your application, e.g. INTL support
(fbintl.dll) or UDF libraries,
they should be located apart from the application directory. To be able to
use them, place them into a
directory tree which emulates the Firebird server one, i.e., in
subdirectories named /intl and /udf
directly beneath the directory where the Firebird root files are.
D:\my_app\gds32.dll (renamed fbembed.dll)

you seem to be missing ib_util.dll