Subject Firebird on Suse Linux
Author Gollahon, Don
I'm new to Linux but not Firebird. I've installed Firebird 1.5 on Suse
8.1. I can access the employee.fdb from my XP PC just fine. Now I want
to use gbak to restore a backup from my XP desktop to the Linux Firebird
but I get an error "Permission Denied". The directory on Linux I've
created for the databases is /fbdata. What do I need to change to get
this to work?

I'm using GBak Runner to do this. I actually wanted to use IBBackup,
GUI wrapper for GBAK by Martin Schmid, but I can't find it anywhere.
I've used it before and liked it so probably have it at home but haven't
had time to look yet.


Don Gollahon
"What in Eternity does it matter?"