Subject Re: [firebird-support] import/export data
Author Milan Babuskov
Rick DeBay wrote:
> The best I could come up with was:
> 1. Script calls stored procedure that copies records to a temporary
> table inside the second database (unless they're already marked as
> exported).
> 2. Script dumps temp table to file (isql has that capability, right?).

I suggest you use FBExport instead of isql for this. It works on Linux and it is
build specially for dumping data into files and importing it back:

> Moving data between the SQL Server and Firebird will be a little
> tougher.

Future versions of FBExport will allow importing data from any ODBC datasource.
But, I can't guarantee when it will be available since I do it in my free time,
and I have a lot of commercial work ATM.

> So, how do you automate data import/export between databases?

Have you considered to use PHP? It can connect to any type of DBMS, and
read/write data directly. You can write simple scripts that do all you need in
one or two days.

Milan Babuskov