Subject RE: [firebird-support] import/export data
Author Alan McDonald
> I have a production database that will manage inventory replenishment.
> I need to import data daily from a second firebird database on the same
> server and a Solomon (uses SQL Server) accounting server. The movement
> between Firebird databases will be short term, as the data will be
> coming directly from the vendor into the production database by the
> summer.
> The best I could come up with was:
> 1. Script calls stored procedure that copies records to a temporary
> table inside the second database (unless they're already marked as
> exported).
> 2. Script dumps temp table to file (isql has that capability, right?).
> 3. File is uploaded into first database.
> 4. If everything succeeded, records in second database (that are also in
> the temp table) are marked as imported.
> Moving data between the SQL Server and Firebird will be a little
> tougher.
> I can do some of this with Database Workbench, but I'd like this to run
> on our application server, which is Linux.
> So, how do you automate data import/export between databases?
> Rick DeBay
> Senior Software Developer

if it were me - I'd just replicate. - you don't need any temp tables and
exporting/importing.. the data just moves