Subject import/export data
Author Rick DeBay
I have a production database that will manage inventory replenishment.
I need to import data daily from a second firebird database on the same
server and a Solomon (uses SQL Server) accounting server. The movement
between Firebird databases will be short term, as the data will be
coming directly from the vendor into the production database by the

The best I could come up with was:
1. Script calls stored procedure that copies records to a temporary
table inside the second database (unless they're already marked as
2. Script dumps temp table to file (isql has that capability, right?).
3. File is uploaded into first database.
4. If everything succeeded, records in second database (that are also in
the temp table) are marked as imported.

Moving data between the SQL Server and Firebird will be a little
I can do some of this with Database Workbench, but I'd like this to run
on our application server, which is Linux.

So, how do you automate data import/export between databases?

Rick DeBay
Senior Software Developer