Subject Paradox & Firebird
Author sgharp
Hi All,

I'm supporting 2 applications for a client. One uses Paradox as a
database and the other Firebird 1.5. I have reports in both
applications that calculate numbers that my client insists must match
exactly. My problem is with differences in the way Paradox and
Firebird stores numeric values, causing rounding errors that I can't
seem to correct.

My Paradox tables are all defined with Numeric fields (15 significant
digits) and the Paradox application calculates all the numbers using
the Double datatype in Delphi. In my Firebird application, I've had
to define my Firebird database to use all Double precision (which I
think is a close as I can come to the Paradox Numeric) and I'm
calculating all the numbers in stored procedures using Double
Precision datatypes.

However, I'm unable to get stored procedures in Firebird to calculate
numbers exactly the same as the numbers calculated in the Paradox
application even though I've calculated the results in the same way as
the Paradox application.

Is it possible to get these numbers to match exactly? Is this a
raasonable goal?

Thanks for any guidance,