Subject Transactions in MDI application
Author Planles

I have still some problems understanding, how transaction should be used.

I have a MDI application, intended to work with multiply users, using BCB6
and its IBX components, FB 1.5.

Small example:
one MDI child form is for Clients data, second MDI child form is for Orders.

Basicaly, what I expect, is, if both MDI childs are opened, if I add new
Client in client's table, I should "see" this client in Orders form, if I
make a lookup on Clients table. I expect also, if another user enters new
client, that this one should be visible for me the same moment.

So, my questions are:
- should each MDI child had own Transation component ?
- should all datasets from all MDI childs be in one DataModule, or should
they be in each MDI child (for purpose of that child) ?
- when to commit/start transations ?
- do I have to start transaction each time after commit, or is transaction
started automatically after Dataset opening ?

Could someone point me to the right direction ?