Subject Re: slow inserts with Firebird 1.5.1
Author tracegraph
--- In, Tim Ledgerwood <tim@s...>
> >precautions that a desktop database doesn't care about). I know
that one
> >of the
> >fastest ways to do imports is to create an external file, but I
haven't got a
> >clue how to do that.
> I import 65k records in 13 seconds using an external file. On a
> basis - it's the average size of the weekly stolen card data file
> clients get from the bank.
> 1. Make sure that the external file access is enabled in the config
> 2. Make sure that the external file is fixed length fields.
> 3. Create a table with all of the fields that will be in your
> table. Make sure that ALL field types are "CHAR". (It just makes
> easier ...)
> 4. Make sure to create a column for the EOL markers AS WELL. The
> markers depend on your OS. On windows, it is the CRLF pair - 2
> 5. Open the file using SQL ... I dump the records from the table
(which I
> call an import table) into a more permamanent table.
> the same process used to take me 2 hours using Paradox ...
> The entire procedure is WELL documented in the IB 6 docs\
> Regards
> Tim

I cannot do this because it has to be done remotely. I have no access
to the server. The fields cannot be CHAR.