Subject slow inserts with Firebird 1.5.1
Author tracegraph
Is there any way to speed up insert sql with FIBPlus components? I've
got version 4.70.
I've done a simple test: I wrote a procedure that performs 1 000 000
inserts with TpFIBQuery into the same table with 4 columns (varchar,
integer, float, datetime). I only changed parameters of the insert
sql, so it should be fast but it took about 20 minutes (Athlon 900,
256 MB RAM, local firebird server). Is there any way to achieve close
to Paradox speed in terms of record insert time? I don't mean the
same table (that was just a test) but inserts into different tables
in a sequence. Is there a way to perform many inserts in one sql? I
need to do about 1 000 000 inserts (no selects and no updates) in a
shortest time. Please for any answer. Thank you in advance.
Best regards
Jaroslaw Malek