Subject Re: slow inserts with Firebird 1.5.1
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
833 records per second? Yes, it should be possible to do it faster than that,
but I doubt "Paradox speed" is feasible (a client/server database must take
precautions that a desktop database doesn't care about). I know that one of the
fastest ways to do imports is to create an external file, but I haven't got a
clue how to do that. Hence, I can only ask questions to get your brain going,
much like Arno did: How often do you commit? About every 10000 records is
usually OK. Do you use Params[x] or FieldByName() (I only use IBO and know there
can be a speed difference)?

If you've already got a table with the records in your database, then you can
insert a lot of records by doing
insert into JaroslawTable(<field list>)
select * from MalekTable, if the files are not in Firebird, then I think
inserting into several records only can be done through stored procedures or
triggers - or by creating an external file.

--- In, "tracegraph" wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there any way to speed up insert sql with FIBPlus components? I've
> got version 4.70.
> I've done a simple test: I wrote a procedure that performs 1 000 000
> inserts with TpFIBQuery into the same table with 4 columns (varchar,
> integer, float, datetime). I only changed parameters of the insert
> sql, so it should be fast but it took about 20 minutes (Athlon 900,
> 256 MB RAM, local firebird server). Is there any way to achieve close
> to Paradox speed in terms of record insert time? I don't mean the
> same table (that was just a test) but inserts into different tables
> in a sequence. Is there a way to perform many inserts in one sql? I
> need to do about 1 000 000 inserts (no selects and no updates) in a
> shortest time. Please for any answer. Thank you in advance.
> Best regards
> Jaroslaw Malek