Subject Re: slow inserts with Firebird 1.5.1
Author tracegraph
> Hi,
> > Is there any way to speed up insert sql with FIBPlus components?
> > got version 4.70.
> > I've done a simple test: I wrote a procedure that performs 1 000
> > inserts with TpFIBQuery into the same table with 4 columns
> > integer, float, datetime). I only changed parameters of the
> > sql, so it should be fast but it took about 20 minutes (Athlon
> > 256 MB RAM, local firebird server). Is there any way to achieve
> > to Paradox speed in terms of record insert time? I don't mean the
> > same table (that was just a test) but inserts into different
> > in a sequence. Is there a way to perform many inserts in one sql?
> > need to do about 1 000 000 inserts (no selects and no updates) in
> > shortest time. Please for any answer. Thank you in advance.

Did you've indexes on that table and how unique are the inserted
I meant did you insert many duplicates.

There were no indexes and the values were random. Does it matter if
there are duplicates?