Subject Too many concurent execpetion of the same request
Here is my problem:
I have a table company and a table person. Every company possesses
several persons but the only one of them is said " reference", i.e
the person by default of the company. The table person thus contains
a field CONNUM (foreign key of the table company) and a field PERREF
which takes the value 0 (no) or 1 (yes) and which defines if the
person is the reference of the company.
When I want to create a person, or to modify the value of CONNUM or
PERREF for a given person, i.e. that I allocate her to another
company or that I appoint her as referent, I have to modify the rest
of the table in order to be sure that it does not exist 2 referents
for the same company.
I make it by triggers with a select to know if there is already a
referent and then an update of the table.
I receive then a message of IBEXPERT saying to me: Too many
concurent execpetion of the same request
How can it be done?
Thank you for your help