Subject [firebird-support] - firebird and Delphi8
Author David C
hi list

I have a question about the firebirb

Exists any problem between delphi 8 components and
connection with firebird.

how you reference here, in this message 48167 say

"Not at the present time, as long as you don't upgrade
the IBX components.
The reason is that the latest version checks for the
version of GDS32.dll, there's a patch for FB's client
library to work with this. But, who knows what other
client library check that Borland will come up with in
a future version."

Exists any problem with the Update of IB Components
for Delphi8.

And what hapend with firebird

Which components do you

I need to know because i need update an application
from Delphi 5 to Delphi 8 and Interbase 6.0.1 to maybe
Firebird 1.5.1

Thanks for your help

david contreras..

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