Subject GDB file grows
Author Trinidad Miravet Celades
Hi all,

We have a firebird database 1.0.3 Version WI-V6.2.972 installed since some months. Yesterday we detected that the .gdb file was huge -18Gb-. When doing a backup of such huge database with gbak, the .gbk file was about 20 Mb -normal size-. And restoring the .gbk file we got a normal size .gdb file -about 22Mb-.

So, we delete the huge file and start working with the restore one. After a while the size was 30Mb, after another while 50Mb, ... it seems that something makes the .gdb file to grow, and it is not because such volume of data is stored in the database.

When we did again the gbak to the, at that point, 150M gdb file, we got again a normal size .gbk file and the restored one had also normal size.

Has anyone experience something like this? Any help is really appreciate.



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