Subject Re: [firebird-support] [firebird support] - Some Questions
Author Daniel Rail

At September 23, 2004, 11:12, David C wrote:

> Number One:

> I have an Application on delphi
> and I use Interbase components = IBTable,IBQuery
> ,IBTransaction and others

> Exist any problem with de components IB or Midas's
> Components

Not at the present time, as long as you don't upgrade the IBX
components. The reason is that the latest version checks for the
version of GDS32.dll, there's a patch for FB's client library to work
with this. But, who knows what other client library check that
Borland will come up with in a future version.

> Number two

> Firebird present any problem with components that
> manage transactions

None what-so-ever.

> Number Three

> Exis any problem with the dialects? Im use 1 it's
> compatible with firebird

Dialect 1 is mainly being kept for compatibility with IB 5.x
databases. And, some of the newer functions and syntaxes may no be
available in dialect 1. And, dialect 1 will be deprecated in a future
version of FB(I'm not sure if a definite decision has been made as to
which version it will be done in).

> Number Four

> Exist any suite of components for firebird? When can i
> get it?

They are all third-party components.
Here's a few:
IB-Objects (
FIB Plus (
And, you can look for more at

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