Subject database engine deadlock


Windows 2003 Server
SAN Device
HP Server Harware
firebird 1.5.1 SuperServer

The behavior is some kind of strange and can not be
reproduced easily. Hi hope I can get some help at this place
to find a solution for it.

The database is running up to one week without any problems.
Not one error occurs. A client using IBO is then starting
to report pointer errors whire accessing the database through
IB_Query where no pointer errors should be. It seems that inside the
database connection something is broken.

After stopping and restarting the client everything works fine
for round about two minutes. Then all clients hung and the
database engine can not be stopped anymore. Only a reboot
brought the system back to work.

We had this behavior on two different systems both 2003 Server
but completely different hardware.

We have about five systems in production with our new client software
wich do not show this problem. The main difference between the
client software is that we do not use events in the new version

Did anybody observe this behavior too ?
Can anybody confirm this is an event problem ?
Does anybody have an idea how to reproduce this ?

and kind reagrds
Maik Wojcieszak

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