Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Error opening database file on Mac OSX
Author Elmar Haneke
> Hmmm, that's interesting... I can't see why the CPU and/or
> achitecture and/or OS would matter (I thought you'd only ask it to
> serve you up the data file), and it's really up to Firebird to
> decide how it wants to structure and use the database inside the
> file.

It's yust that simple that writing an Integer to memory is different.
To Store "1" an intel-CPU does write 01 00 00 00, an Motorola-CPU does
write 00 00 00 01. For saving internal structures software usually
does yust copy memory to disk.

> i.e you can build an application that _internally_ processes stuff
> specifically as big or little endian, regardless of what is normal
> on that platform.

It is possible to write such software. But for the ODS it is not
required. For the wire-protocoll this is done, an Motorola-Client cn
talk to an Intel Server and vice versa.