Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Problems with events + firewall
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:12 AM 14/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>I changed /opt/firebird/firebird.conf to:
>RemoteAuxPort = 3051
>and connected to the server via ssh, openning two tunnels to my
>localhost on server ports 3050 and 3051. Now i can open 'Replication
>Manager' in my desktop using '', but
>Replication Server still can't connect, raising the same error above.
>Shouldn't it connect?

No. You may have two ports, but both are to the same server. Replicator
needs two servers.

>BTW, the server is a FB Classic Server, version 1.5.1 on a Fedora 2
>BTW2, i have no problem in waiting until tomorrow to solve this, but i
>have many remote servers with just port 22 (SSH) opened, and i connect
>to these FB servers using a SSH tunnel to my localhost. How i don't
>use events anymore in my applications, i didn't notice this problem
>before, but i'd like to know why this is not working, because some
>thirdy party applications may require it, like IBReplicator does.

Sure. The standard port 3050 (unless you change it) is the channel through
which clients and the server talk to each other. Events "travel" on
another channel. The default behaviour is for the events mechanism just to
use any port that is available for events traffic, i.e. random selection.

If you use RemoteAuxPort, you are saying "When you need a port for events,
use this one". So you need to ensure that this port is available.

Of course, if you are running two-way replication, then you need four
ports: one for each server's client traffic and one for each server's
event traffic.