Subject Re: Problems with events + firewall
Author fabiano_bonin
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 12:50 AM 14/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >I'm getting this error while trying to run IBReplicator Replication
> >Server against a database behind a firewall.
> >
> >ErrorNo: 95 - Unable to complete network request to host
> >"".
> >-Failed to establish a secondary connection for event processing.
> >
> >I don't have privileges to change the firewall settings.
> >Is there some problem if i use 'RemoteAuxPort = 3050'?
> If 3050 is your database connection port then - yes.
> Presumably, if you are commissioned to implement replication for the
> someone in the organisation who does have network admin privileges
must be
> instructed to open a port in the firewall to allow it to happen....

Sure. But i want to setup the server right now to have it working
tomorrow morning and the admin guy is probably drinking a beer this

I changed /opt/firebird/firebird.conf to:
RemoteAuxPort = 3051

and connected to the server via ssh, openning two tunnels to my
localhost on server ports 3050 and 3051. Now i can open 'Replication
Manager' in my desktop using '', but
Replication Server still can't connect, raising the same error above.
Shouldn't it connect?

BTW, the server is a FB Classic Server, version 1.5.1 on a Fedora 2

BTW2, i have no problem in waiting until tomorrow to solve this, but i
have many remote servers with just port 22 (SSH) opened, and i connect
to these FB servers using a SSH tunnel to my localhost. How i don't
use events anymore in my applications, i didn't notice this problem
before, but i'd like to know why this is not working, because some
thirdy party applications may require it, like IBReplicator does.