Subject Re: Re: FB & VFP6 How to store empty date
Author Namit Nathwani
Hi Lester

Thanks for your help.

At 03:23 pm 08/09/2004, you wrote:
>Just to elaborate - Firebird stores dates (and times) as numbers so we
>can simply add or subtract dates to get durations. So either you put in
>'0' ( 1/1/1899 ) or you leave it NULL.

Okay. I tried putting a zero in the remote view but it said data type mismatch
I tried {01/01/1899} and it said something that it cant read a property of
the table
I removed the default value complete and now I can add records, though they
look empty, but when I reopen the view I get .NULL. (the VFP equiv.) in the
date fields.

>I use '0' and flag that as not set.

Could you explain what you meant by using 0 and flagging it as not set.

>The thing to note here is genealogical data can't be stored in a date
>field, so you end up having to use a character field for that!

Well, isn't that bad when you have optional date field and have to
calculate on the fields that are filled?

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