Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Re: FB & VFP6 How to store empty date
Author Lester Caine
Sorry for delay been engrossed in another problem and then had to sleep ;)

Namit Nathwani wrote:

>>Just to elaborate - Firebird stores dates (and times) as numbers so we
>>can simply add or subtract dates to get durations. So either you put in
>>'0' ( 1/1/1899 ) or you leave it NULL.
> Okay. I tried putting a zero in the remote view but it said data type mismatch
> I tried {01/01/1899} and it said something that it cant read a property of
> the table

Would help if we got day '0' right -> '30/12/1899'

> I removed the default value complete and now I can add records, though they
> look empty, but when I reopen the view I get .NULL. (the VFP equiv.) in the
> date fields.
> Could you explain what you meant by using 0 and flagging it as not set.

When I see Date < '01/01/1900' I treat the date as 'not set'

>>The thing to note here is genealogical data can't be stored in a date
>>field, so you end up having to use a character field for that!
> Well, isn't that bad when you have optional date field and have to
> calculate on the fields that are filled?

It's no different to the Y2k bug, or the unix roll over that is coming
up. But an SQL2003 compliant DATE and TIMESTAMP would be nice in the
future. All my current system only run with date and time information
from 1990 so it's not a problem - yet

Lester Caine
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