Subject Re: 99% CPU and what Microsoft thinks of Firebird
Author m2data
--- In, "Myles Wakeham" <myles@t...>
> Now you've gotten my interest. I was wondering how many customers would
> start asking about .NET for development....

We work in the dental business and all our applications/tools is
developed in C++ calling the fbclient/gds32 directly (well, we have
our own dll between our apps and firebird).

We do not use MFC, .NET, COM and things like that. We do it the hard
way (and gets burned sometimes) because we need to control everything,
have a small foodprint and fast execution on even Win98/300Mhz Pentium.

The reason why our customers starts to ask about .NET is that one of
our competitors is shifting to .NET and on every fair we attent to,
they are saing that C++ is DEAD, Java (don't kill me, I didn't say it)
is yesterday and .NET is the future. Now a dentist can fix your
teeths, but he is not a developer and when someone says that .NET is
the future and that it is god given by Microsoft, they believe it!!

It don't understand it. I thought we should try to enhance solid good
working programs...not rewrite everything with the result of
introducing errors that wasn't there before. I don't think it was easy
to move Firebird from C to C++. It can be that is was time to drop the
old C code, and some day I will move to .NET (or .UNIVERSE or .SUN or
???), but it is not the right time now.

If I had used the lates buzzthinggies every time they pops up, I would
have code written in Delphi, C++, Jave, .NET, whatever.

I real life the user shouldn't care about what the app is written in,
as long as it makes him happy. I have friends that is quite happy with
COBOL (the visual thing though).

Don't change the platform/language unless the pain rewriting the code
is really worth it.

If .NET is the-right-and-only-thing, why is every app written by
Microsoft not written in .NET?

All of this is my personal meaning. It may not be true for you.

Brian Vraamark