Subject 99% CPU and what Microsoft thinks of Firebird
Author m2data
What is the world comming to?

Here is a little story:

We have around 120 servers around the contry running FB1.0.3. One day
one of our customers called us, telling me that his hardware vendor
(lets call him mr. overkill) had just reformatet the main disk,
because Firebird was running at 99% and Ctrl+Alt+Del didn't work. Mr.
overkill cut the power, but the server wouldn't start again, so he
didn't have any other choice then to format the disk.

But (and here comes the funny part) before that, he managed to get a
dump, that he send to MICROSOFT and MS told him that Firebird was not
CERTIFIED for Windows 2003 and that he should avoid reinstalling
Firebird. Mr. overkill passed this on to our customer, and then the
customer called me, saying that he had to choose a system using a
CERTIFIED database.

SO...Please...could someone get my beloved Firebird CERTIFIED :-).

As a sidenote: I have seen the "99% problem" a number of times in this
group, but never a good reason to why this is happening!? Our database
(please don't laugth) have no events, no constrains, no FK's, no
Views, no external functions. Only Tables, Generators, Indices, 3
triggers, 1 (yes one) procedure and we are calling gds32/fbclient


Brian "using non certifed database" Vraamark