Subject Re: 99% CPU and what Microsoft thinks of Firebird
Author m2data
--- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@a...>
> Don't blame you. We usually tell our customers that any problem with
> our software has to be reported to us, before calling a local
> technician.....

You are right, and I thought I had that agreement with the local
technician, but.....nobody listens!

One of the biggest problems is that some technician stops my ncron
service (Windows cron clone), which is calling gbak and when I get
all-red-in-the-head, they just answers "ohh..I thought it was a

Now I have made my own cron with a name equal to the name of our app,
but they still keep stopping the service!!!!!!

> First, try to convince your customer that Firebird is safe. And,
> maybe try to upgrade to FB 1.5 at the same time, since FB 1.5 is
> better at handling threads.

We are allready in the progress of shifting over to 1.5.1. The lates
is that we are now supporting ASP and lokal terminal server. It will
be funny to see how Firebird is running with 8 databasen and 100+

Brian Vraamark