Subject Re: Maximum concurrent connections?
Author loupisp
Hi Steffen

Thank you for your response, much appreciated.

Hmmmm. It sounds like this is where my problem lies. I have too many
concurrent connections. The connections are normally not too busy,
averaging about 30 to 90 txns per minute. The txns are very short
and are generally one Stored Procedure call that launches 2 triggers,
all in all probably about 4 SQL statements per txn. My problem
happens when the txns start going into 300-500 txns per minute, the
database CPU utilisation goes to 100% and causes a MASSIVE bottleneck.

I use the Interbase components in Delphi 7, do you know if one
TIBDatabase connection can be used by multiple threads or do I have
to create a connection-pool that they will utilise?

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> Hi
> > Does anyone know what the suggested maximum number of concurrent
> connections a Firebird server can handle? Has anyone successfully
managed a
> Firebird database server running 3 databases and 200 concurrent
> Apart of the maximum number of Sockets, your tcp/ip-stack can
handle, the
> limits for concurrent firebird connections are only dependent on
the average
> activity on these connections. Running only a brief query every 30
> firebird should handle hundrets of connections with no problems.
> So what are your clients doing? Doing too much, 2 connections might
> too much.
> Only one thing to remember: MGA was not designed to have long-
> transactions. Try to hard commit as often as possible.
> Regards,
> Steffen