Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB & VFP6 How to store empty date
Author Martijn Tonies

> >Then what is a "blank date"?
> Something like NOT NULL but not filled either <g>. In VFP we represent it
> with {} or { / / }
> Actually what happens is when a date is optional like: Please enter you
> birth date (optional)? People may not want to reveal the date and would
> like to keep it empty.

In this case, the birth-date is "unknown", in other words: NULL.

An empty string ( '' ) does exist, but an empty date doesn't, unless
you choose the/a zero-date, eg: 1/1/1899 or so.

>Now filling this to a date however obscure like
> 01/01/1245 will have problem when you would like to know about filled
> dates.
> Hasn't anybody come across situations like above, if so please let me know
> how they have handles it in the past.

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