Subject AW: [firebird-support] Re: Maximum concurrent connections?
Author Steffen Heil

> I use the Interbase components in Delphi 7...

There has been something about this on the list afair, but I don't know for
sure anymore. Search the archive.

> do you know if one TIBDatabase connection can be used by multiple threads
or do I have to create a connection-pool that they will utilise?

Sorry, no.
Right now, I am using Java only.

> I have too many concurrent connections. The connections are normally not
too busy, averaging about 30 to 90 txns per minute.

30 to 90 txns PER CONNECTION? Hopefully not.

> The txns are very short and are generally one Stored Procedure call that
launches 2 triggers, all in all probably about 4 SQL statements per txn.

Do you do hard commits everytime and immediately?
Transactions should not be long-term, but if you could group some procedure
calls into one txn, performance could improve.

Oh, I just remember to have read (unconfirmed), that Borlands Components use
COMMIT RETAIN and therefor keep the old transaction open.
In that case, you have lots of long-running concurrent transactios. This is